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The Little Blog of Lucanus
The Little Blog of Lucanus

The Little Blog of Lucanus

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A vivid portrayal of the exciting events in the Book of Acts.

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The Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys are vividly portrayed in this imagined yet fact-filled diary of Doctor Luke, the writer of the Book of Acts. Based on the Bible’s narrative and filled with cultural and historical background, Luke describes how it feels to travel by land and sea across the Roman Empire, bringing the Good News of Jesus to diverse communities, and experiencing the joy of seeing lives changed and the challenges of persecution and opposition.

Struggles with health and the relationships between the travellers, as well as Paul’s passion and determination to bring the message of Jesus to Rome, are powerfully portrayed in this easy-to-read yet highly informative fictional account.

ISBN 9781911086840 (PB)


Paperback, eBook (ePUB edition), eBook (PDF edition)

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