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The Fourth Day

The Fourth Day

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God’s purpose in the season of waiting.

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Only God can fathom the countless intricacies of how He works in our lives, whether we happen to see ourselves as currently prospering or finding life somewhat a trial.

We think we know how God should act – but how do we respond when the outcome is not what we expected? We do our best: we think, we reason, we may pummel our brains or seek advice. But there is a better way for us…

Beginning with the account of the death of Lazarus and Jesus’ delay in visiting him until the FOURTH DAY, Steve unpacks why God allows us to face seasons in which He may seem absent and not act in the way we expect. He demonstrates how we can pass through these difficult times with God’s reassuring peace and eternal perspective.

ISBN: 9781910197530 (PB) / 9781910197547 (HC)


Paperback, Hardcover, eBook (Kindle edition – requires manual transfer), eBook (ePUB edition), eBook (PDF edition)


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