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Heaven's National Anthem

Heaven’s National Anthem

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Teaching about the meaning of the Hebrew word ‘checed’ and what it reveals to us about the nature of God’s love.

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God is love.

We know it as a fact, and yet for many of us the daily experience of God’s love remains out of grasp.

- If God is living inside me, why does he seem so distant?
- If the bible promises that God will provide for all my needs, why am I struggling to pay my bills each month?
- If God is loving and all-powerful, why did he allow me to suffer as a child?
- If God is my father, why does he not speak to me?
- If God’s plans for me are good, why are my circumstances so challenging?
- If God loves the world, why is there so much suffering?

In this eight part book series, Luke Jeffery combines a principle-upon-principle bible study with tales from his own life. He demonstrates how every person can tap into a deeper measure of experiencing the Father’s love and live out a supernatural lifestyle. Exercises at the end of each book will help you to apply the teaching to your own unique journey.

Part 2 of the teaching series investigates the nature of the Father’s love from a new angle. The lyrics of a timeless song written in ancient Israel contain a key to understanding how God’s love operates in the middle of life’s most challenging circumstances. This revelation will set you free to receive the Father’s love in every situation.

ISBN: 9781907509414 (PB)




Timeless Teaching, The Father’s Love

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