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Behind the Smiles
Behind the Smiles

Behind the Smiles

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What is the life of a missionary really like – behind the smiles?

Jane Fucella shares stories of the humorous and the heartbreaking.

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How does it feel to leave your country and live amongst people of unfamiliar language and customs?

What are the challenges of presenting Jesus in a culture where traditional Christian practices hold no meaning?

How can the church reach out to a society which is built on the foundation of a different world view?

What is the life of a missionary really like – behind the smiles?

“Behind the Smiles shines the spotlight on mission today … Jane Fucella writes in a simple, engaging style that is both authentic and reflective. Through the stories of fun and tragedy, breakthroughs and setbacks, glorious church and genuine failure, Jane shows us what following Jesus in cross-cultural mission is all about.” - Paul Bendor-Samuel, Former International Director of Interserve

ISBN: 9781911086598 (PB) / 9781911086604 (HB)


Paperback, eBook (ePUB edition), eBook (PDF edition)


Black and White Illustrations, Black and White Maps

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