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About Us/ All you need to know about us

Onwards and Upwards: A Success Story in Christian Publishing

lukepic.thumbnail[1]Launched in 2007 and registered as a limited company in 2011, Onwards and Upwards Publishers have rapidly grown from a small family business to an acclaimed modern publisher with international distribution and a wide range of books endorsed by some of the leading Christian teachers and ministers in the UK today.

The owners of Onwards and Upwards have been working in various areas of Christian ministry and service for many years. They became aware that it was very difficult for new Christian writers to get their work published by the larger publishers. They believe that Christians need to use whatever media is available to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, good teaching, testimonies and reading material for children. This publishing ministry was therefore designed to facilitate Christian writing and to distribute it in the Christian and secular marketplace.

The current managing director, Luke Jeffery, was a missionary for fourteen years in Northern Europe. Working as an itinerant preacher and national worship leader, his passion is to see the message of the cross of Christ and the Father’s love preached, understood and activated in every community. In publishing, his vision is to provide an outlet for personal testimonies of Christ’s work in people’s lives as well as the teaching that the Holy Spirit is giving to his church today.

By God’s grace we have seen continual growth in sales and distribution outlets over the past two years. At a time when many businesses have cut back and the book industry has been in decline, we have gratefully experienced God’s blessing upon our work. Recession never stands in the way of God’s purposes! At the same time, we continually pray that the messages in our books will reach the people that God intends them for.

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